Monday, March 9, 2009

This is all I've got.

Sunday, March 8th 1:47 am. Vitus Tinnitus - About 3 and half hours ago we finished up our set for the second of two nights at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. As I sit here in my boxers, post-shower and tuning out the ringing in my ears, I realize how exhausted I am. We began playing these shows straight from working nearly everyday on our new album, and as we pressurized our situation by squeezing in two days of rehearsals before we played our first show in 6 months, I forgot the world and where we stood in it. It felt real good to play some shows though... you get burnt out and you begin not enjoying performing so much, but you really begin to miss the hell out of it when its all musical work without the direct and immediate energy and response you get from the peoples around you, there's that connection you miss.

Monday, March 9th 3:00 pm. Battle Wounds - And now I feel old because my rock neck is still chillin hard.. where as just a few years ago it was gone within the first 3 shows. I kept losing my balance onstage last night, I think my running shows are too grippy and don't allow enough slide for my flailing about.. the science of rocking out is ridiculous. The index finger on my right hand is also well-haggard from sloppy picking.. sometimes you just get too juiced and all your faculties of technique and proper playing go out the window excitedly following your inhibitions. My finger is basically a bloody mess right above my nail where the cuticle is, but now I'm gonna concentrate on playing tight and playing well because my finger can't take anymore and its begging me to take it easy..and truth be told, I've kinda been playing like shit. I'm not quite used to jumping straight onto the drums while I'm in guitar mode for our new bridge in 'only for the night'. Other than my efforts in developing a way to transition from guitar to piano and synth over the years, I always focus myself on the instrument I'm playing at the time because each is its own temple of sound and must be paid the full respect. If it can work itself into the music tastefully and compliment without cluttering, then I'll play multiple things for a song, but otherwise I ain't tryin' to be korean-variety show and that's real. I always feel self-conscious about people thinking I'm a show-off by nature, and although its ridiculous to worry about that because I AM a show-off.. its not totally my inner nature... Its more circumstantial. I thoroughly enjoy creating and pulling strings from behind the scenes as a ghost as much as I enjoy accolades and attention.

So tomorrow we head up to San Francisco for a Wed night show at a very important club in my musical up-bringing; The Bottom Of The Hill. We always love playing there. I will spare you the spiel on the bands I've seen, the times I've had and the love I have for that place (as an establishment in my memories), but I will say that I've seen a lot of the most important and inspiring shows of my life there... Everyone from Knapsack and The Smoking Popes, to The Makers, At the Drive In, Jets To Brazil and my own highschool band playing an afternoon showcase for Lookout! records there. Wednesday night is gonna be fun. But we shall head up tomorrow, a day early to have yet another epic meal at Great Wall with one Bagel Nagel.

More to come soon ladies and gentlemen.

Hello to my family and friends.


Ohio Nate said...

The new songs have made their way to youtube. Holy shit.

garf93 said...

dude the new jams are fucking incredible. Not to sound nosy, but could we perhaps get some clarity on the whole Sheets situation? Much love, and keep tearing shit up.

Sarahahaha said...

there was much too much text in this entry. i started reading because i saw "as i sit here in my boxers" but could not finish that paragraph. i'm sorry. it's 6:34a and i have not gone to sleep yet!

Anonymous said...

great wall with the green ball soup? That place is amazing.

And oh yeah, you guys rocked it at BOTH wednesday night.