Friday, March 13, 2009


Bakersfield is such a weird place... Laying down is the perfect way to escape. Let us lose ourselves in the back of our eyelids.

Today: Relished in the amazing rock that took place in San Francisco last night whilst driving down to Bakershmield to rock The Dome. Played the show where we sounded like the neighbors metal band in an airplane hangar, and after some tacos and fries we allow the tissue in between our vertebrae to rehydrate and decompress through the complicated process of... laying down. My mind is stuck on this Nas beat while I kick it to match the pulsing of the heater in our room right now. Jon from Tera Melos is sleeping on our floor tonight at the Four Points Sheraton, and Nick is next door with C-gak and Joey. I can hear them having ridiculous conversation through our side-chain-lets connect the rooms so we can party-door. Its staying closed.

Tomorrow: Wake up, have some breakfast and head to San Luis Obispo in central California for Slo-Brew head-bang session.

This update was for all of my friends who tell me my shit is too long.



Ray Zib said...

Going to see Nas in New Orleans tonight...I wish I could see RXB in his stead, but one can only dream. I doubt it will be very good, but hooray for nostalgia.

Mitch said...

DTB Tonight! Can't wait to see you guys.

Mark Silvius said...

I've lived in Bakersfield my whole life sadly. I definitely agree Bakersfield is weird and kinda messed up. What made Bakersfield so weird to you??

Daniel said...

Hey Choi take a look at the new video we just uploaded from your concert down here in Venezuela, Hope you like it! Come back to Venezuela.