Sunday, January 11, 2009

gettin clumsy

I slightly pulled my thumb nail back off of my thumb while I was getting this piece of dirt off the beet I was about to juice. It doesn't look like much but it hurts so bad. I wasn't juicing just beets though..the juice I've been drinking also has celery, carrots, oranges and apples and sometimes cucumber and garlic. Trust me, I know its sounds gnar gnar but people who know what s up with juices know that its good and good for you. So after my ridiculous beet injury I woke up the next morning with it hurting even worse.. Yet due to its ridiculous nature I convinced myself it was all good and that I should stop being a pussy and go to Bright Lights (studio) to work on the 2 new Machines songs with Roger and Danny.. playing the drums was not a good idea. While playing, the tip of the drumstick hit my thumbnail dead-on and I was seriously on the ground in pain holding my thumb wishing I could cut it off right there. I could see Roger and Danny in my peripheral looking on in horror at me holding my hand like I had just sliced it open or something. Anyone who plays drums knows that that is a common drum injury. Right before that happened I even had the awesome 'punch the crash cymbal and slice your knuckle open' injury which might be the #1 drum injury, if not in the top 3 at the very least. There's all kinds of great stuff.. like hitting yourself in the face with your stick, hitting your finger or fingernail in my case, slamming your had on the rim of any given drum, cutting your fingers on cymbals or any other appendage flying around as you so confidently chuck your limbs around thinking you're looking uber cool. its all good though, there's no therapy like hitting the drums as hard as you possibly can for a few hours. We're gonna record these new Machines songs live in a couple weeks so I gotta condition, but going from playing guitar and keyboards for 4-6 hours everyday to playing the drums ain't so easy for me.

So the NAMM show is this week.. for those of you who don't know what that is, its a giant trade show for all the music product companies.. like the ASR for the music world. One of our endorsers, Dean Markley has asked me to do a signing at their booth on the thurs the 15th, and since they give us piles upon piles of free strings I felt obligated to oblige. No one there is gonna know who the fuck I am though.. I can just imagine some snotty kid asking me to sign an RX poster and then with his congested-sinus-entrapped-voice challenging me to a guitar duel and serving me in front of everyone there. I have no idea what to expect to be honest, but if you're gonna be there then feel free to roll up and say hi, I'll just be posted doin my thing and trying to get out of there as soon as possible after glad-handing a few of the artist relations reps for the companies that have something to offer. I hate it, but ladies and gentlemen this is called 'Playing ball'.

Did I tell you guys that 3 weeks ago I began official work on my first Symphonic Composition? A complete score for a 60 piece orchestra, chamber orchestra, or any symphonic group. I'll worry about who's gonna play it after I finish it, which is nowhere close to being in sight. That was merely a 'btw'.

Time to tackle this mountain of laundry in my closet thats even taken over my shoe rack. More of my book by Geoff Emerick in the awkward yet oddly comforting energy of the spin cycle since my washer and dryer can't even step to the amount of laundry I have. Time is the most valuable thing I got these days.

Stay creative peoples.


Daniel said...

you're no wuss, few stand a chance against the mighty beets.

nicklas said...

Haha it hurts like shit when you hit your nail! I usually get tears in my eyes and it feels like I get a surprised expression on my face but when it happens I usually stay in time anyway;) Cymbal-cuts is a classic too, I usually get them on the hihat though.

Keep rockin,

Fake Steve Perry said...

The Geoff Emerick book is a great one, a must for any musician.