Wednesday, January 14, 2009


For most of us who have been touring for a while, a separation in ourselves has to occur. The cause and reason for this is as different as the individual but for MOST of us who do this musician thing for a living, it just goes down like that. By separation I mean a different lifestyle and/or persona which is determined by habit, attitude and general style of living aka lifestyle. The few that I have known who do not make this sort of separation don't live very happy lives when off-tour, and the others who live well off-tour don't have any fun while having to be ON tour. I've been both and everything in between.. forcing my home life to mimic my life on tour and vise-versa, and finally in my later 20's I feel like I've found a nice balance.



After I had gone through IN-gesting the immense ego-feed that being on tour was, I didn't know how to DI-gest it when I was at home.. later to realize that it wasn't something to be digested for me.. it was like an unhealthy food or drug which felt and tasted good but had no substance or "nutritional" value. I hate the ego.. and I love but ultimately hate having it fed. Then later on, trying to force my life on tour to emulate my life at home took my mind away from what it was I was doing out on a stage far far away, with 3 weeks to go before I returned. It has always been my pursuit to be humble, not for the image of being humble, but to leave the clearest path possible for my musical growth and artistic development. I ain't shit, and I know it which is not to say that I'm not proud of the things I've accomplished. Many fans often tell me that I seem so serious on stage, that I seem so aloof, unapproachable, and downright arrogant..and I realize that I don't have the warmest look on my face all the time.. but I cannot help my muscle and bone structure which was genetically pre-disposed. I assure you all that I do not feel that way, and am confident that everyone close to me, or who has spent any time talking to me (who isn't of low intelligence, or weak in character..because I can openly admit I'm a jerk to those kind of folk) will tell you that I am not like that.. or on purpose anyways. jk. I laugh a lot, and my friends love to make fun of the fact that you can't even see my eyes when I'm on a good roll.
Back to the point; I've been in home mode and now that this new record is more than just an idea, a demanded product, and a plan.. I'm starting to find myself saying to myself "oh yea, I'm in this band rxbandits and there's people who actually really like the music we make.. and they're actually excited about this new record!" It makes me feel really good. We're gonna be starting the recording process real soon now, and I'm having to realize that I'm more than just a guy who plays music for a living who loves cooking, reading, writing, an all the other caca that makes us all of us in rxb wannabe renaissance men. I'm part of something which is really only fortified by our listeners and fans. So yet again, I owe all of you a great big thanks.. Thank you for making our band something bigger than our individual selves because it has a whole lot to do with what keeps us going.

I'm watching 'Kickboxer' right now and can't stop laughing at the part where in his training Jean-claude has mentor homie drop this coconut on his gut from a couple feet up.


Mark said...

Damn straight we're excited - I've already warned my girlfriend that there will be no other CDs in my car for a month after that bad boy comes out.

Quinn Brabender said...

Anyone who can't understand the difference between your life on tour and your life at home shouldn't be judging anyway. When you're up on stage, I know I can feel the energy that you guys put out, regardless of the expressions on your faces.

Quite frankly, if your face is blank, I just think, fuck, this is gunna be a ridiculous riff coming up.

Much love.

spano. said...

for sure dude....i think i speak for every single rxbandits fan when i say that we are super-excited to hear what kind of musical journey you guys are gonna take us on with this new record. the bottom line is, we're all part of a family, and we all feed off each other. your music is a complete inspiration in my life, and i can't thank you guys enough for how much love and passion you put into everything you do. keep doin what you're doin because there's just no way that any of us will ever be disappointed. peace for now dude.

forgottolaugh said...

You've got some die hard fans here in Minneapolis. Myself and my friends are all musicians, we compare everything we do to you guys, and if we can shred or drum like an Rx song, then we know we're doing it right.

We have voted you guys the Zeppelin of our time! Every instrument meets technicality with creativity. No band alive and touring today has that. They have one or the other.