Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the gears continue to turn.

When I went to get my bike I found that Officer (dick head) Perez of the Long Beach Police Department popped the back tire. Although this could have happened while being transferred I highly doubt it considering I have this bulletproof armadillo tire on the back wheel of the chariot. I gotta give it up to him though, that was a very effective little "fuck you".. and he got points for it, knowing that I'm gonna be thinking of him every second I spend changing my flat, which with these tires is not an easy task. After I got my bike back I went into the office of internal affairs at the LBPD and filed an official complaint which consisted of a written account of what happened and an interview with two of the detectives in charge of complaints against officers. After an official statement on record complete with a sterile meeting room, a desk which separated me from the two detectives, a fancy little digital dictaphone, them scribbling down notes at a diagonal angle as if they were taking down a phone number they didn't want to, and a very calculating me, telling them what happened. Here's the thing; these people that I was talking with weren't douches.. they kinda had the 'I know whats up' look in their eye so I tried to shoot it straight with em explaining that I realize this isn't a Rodney King situation, or like the poor guy who got shot in Oakland the other day at the Bart station by some idiot with a badge and a gun. But although this wasn't a matter of someone getting killed or a beat-down, guys like Officer Perez who obviously don't have a very happy life and who are probably surrounded by people who have to like him or pretend to like him, can't go running around intimidating and bullying the people he's supposed to be protecting. I explained to the detectives that "..if he wanted to be a dick and write a citation for Matt riding 100 yards without a bike light then I understand.." But it was apparent that this guy wasn't going to let us go unless we completely subdued to his aggression and said "sorry" like scared little highschool kids who got busted smoking weed or drinking. Here's the other thing; there's no way in hell we were going to do that. We're grown-ass men who've had plenty of experience with 'I got picked on and was 2nd string on the football team' cops, and Matt and I even talked about how it was worth anything to not feel the frustration of letting that guy walk all over us even if it was at the cost of getting rolled and having your bike taken, and spending more hours out of our already busy-freakingout-we're about to start recording-schedule to let this guy know he's a punk mother fucker. Enough about him, this guy's already wasted enough of our time.

I wrote another song that I can't even play properly. I think its a good thing.. at the very least I'm glad my creative mind is still staying one step ahead of my physical abilities.

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Branden{Falcon} said...

Man it sounds like you had an interesting night. I have never had any major problems with police, but I get the "dick head" vibe from just about all of them. Everything happens for a reason I guess.

As for the new song, I bet it sounds amazing. I don't want to even dare compare the two of us on a musicianship level, but I know what you mean about the over-creative mind not being able to catch up with your playing style. And in my case, once I finally do get it right, I have a hard time trying to explain parts to my bandmates. But never stop writing man. You guys have inspired me and my band to create music for the sake of music. So keep it up.