Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Cops Take Matt and My bike.

It was an easy night at first.. A leisurely ride to The Pike in our beloved lbc. Some pitchers of celebration ale with c-gak, matt and joey.. end with Matt riding my fixie down the side street literally a hundred yards without a light, a cop rollin up on us like a 'roided-out football player and them taking my bike! Matt went for a ride, I walked home. I could tell you all the details but its pointless.. They got guns and more dudes than we do to support their logic. Ironically, earlier that day I was commenting on how most Long Beach cops I met were pretty cool, probably because they had real police work to do. I take that back. C'est la vi my friends, everyone is ok. Now I have to get my bike back... AGAIN (but a different one). This time from the fuzz.. by bike is gonna be fuzzy.

'Here There and Everywhere, my life recording The Beatles' by Geoff Emerick is my latest quicksand. This is the guy who has engineered every Beatles record from 'Revolver' on.. and he's a genius, damn articulate and as cool as ice cream. Within the first 20 pages you get to hear about how he gets the job from George Martin, to the band walking in and starting tracking 'Tomorrow Never Knows' and how he plugged Johns vocal mic into the Wurly to get that sound of John 'chanting from a mountain top' as Mr. Lennon referred to it. If you're a dork for this stuff like Matt and I are, then you're gonna wanna sink your teeth into this book asap.

After I get my bicycle back, I think I'm gonna go for a ride on the beach bike path, as I dodge everyones new year resolutions crowding my way. Its ok, it'll clear up in a few weeks.. what! You know most of these people don't stick to it.. I believe that if you're gonna do something then do it, and if you need the first of the year to do it as a reason or an excuse then you're gonna find a reason or and excuse as to why you couldn't keep it up. People should sign up and register their new years resolutions.. and if you don't stick to it you have to restart it next new year until you finish it. People shouldn't be allowed to pick a goal, and put it down only to pick something new the next year so greedily. Maybe soon I'll tell you guys about the creepy buff dude at the gym who follows me around and stares at me.


Mark said...

Piggy must have been having a slow night. I can't help but think of FNY's "Cops on Bikes," although this is pretty much the opposite of that.

Ohio Nate said...

^ what mark said ^

anyway, that's pretty lame. I know of a guy that got a dui on a skateboard. It's a crazy world.

Poopernater said...

Fuck the police. Ha Not all of them, but the jerk off ones on power trips with nothing better to do than fuck with people who aren't in the same social class as them. I know I'm going to suffer the wrath of one of these bastards soon enough, but where I live in Tulare County there are actually quite a few down to earth cool cops. The kind that will make you pour out the rest of your beer and escort you home, or take your weed and not write you up. I dunno, I'm going off for no reason, but that pretty much sounds like one of those situations where everything is going lovely then someone shits on it. So sorry man.


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