Monday, December 22, 2008

Back in the bay.. again.

yet again, I come back up to the bay area and realize this is where I belong. The LBC is great but I'm from northern California and they are very very different place. I got to Oakland and immediately met up with Brandon from FNY at Great Wall Veggie house which was soooo appropriate on that rainy yesterday. Later on, Bagel's sister was playing at Slim's. Her band was opening for Hepcat..which was cool because that's a band who's tunes put out some serious good vibes, and I haven't been to Slim's to WATCH a show and chill for about 6 years. Every other time I've been there has been to play with RX or someone else. I was really enjoying just standing there having a beer and listening. There's a french guy across the street from the club who has a little crepe stand, which is really just a drunk/munchie net for all the peoples coming out of Slim's and the other bars. Bottom line; you can't deny Nutella.

So I'm headed up to Santa Rosa today to make the family rounds, see some friends and get some tire chains for our little roadtrip up to my Aunt's in Portland. More to come soon... I feel the tides of my existential ramblings beginning to rise.

Is it super lame when I give mundane reports of my activities and my blab about how I like it or don't? I guess I'm just trying to find some balance between that and my pseudo-intellectual bullshit. Should I just write short stories or something?

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dude the night that you guys played at slims this summer there was this really shitfaced guy dressed up as flavor flav at the liquor store across the street. he was standing in front just spitting game at anybody passing by. funny as hell, made me feel better about figuring out how to get to the south bay by myself hahaha.

scary said...

this is the best blog I've read so far - dude just write whatever comes to your mind =)