Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'll orange YOUR rhyming dictionary.

Cheers friends.

I'm still moderately stressed out, but I feel good.. back on top of stress and negative thoughts overall. I'm sure all of you can relate to the same sort of rhythms that we encounter as humans with these things called emotions.. sometimes I think it was nature just showing off. I just got home from a hot bowl of Pho after practice today, we recorded some more tunes which are starting to finalize themselves and they're feeling pretty good. We have well over 40 minutes of music now and I'm starting to get a better idea of what this record is going to sound like. As usual, with RX the songs I'm writing are just the soundtrack to these mini-movies in my head.. its just how it goes. The other times, music forms in my head on its own, and begins to generate an image which turns into the moving version, with a theme, a purpose, a story and a feeling. So far there's some; roaming of mars, saving of princess's, being thrown in the ring with a bull, metroid, mario bros, storming the Bastille all over again, donkey kong, Elvis Costello on steroids and speed, and a little digital espionage. That's not even the half of it. One of the tunes has more metal picking than a Slayer song and it kills my elbow.. we're gonna have to really stay on top of that one live or its gonna be a train wreck. If we pull it off (which we basically have to) its gonna be quite impressive.. I hope. One of the tunes starts with this keyboard part on my Moog that I fuck up about half of the time I play it. Bah.

I'm not as jerky as I look. Sick at 5 am

I'm very much looking forward to heading back up to Santa Rosa this weekend for the Christmas festivities, but not before I stop at Bagel's for a night or two to hang and have some Great Wall. My mom keeps hassling me about making it up by sat afternoon because of this Christmas dinner she's making for her friends. A couple days later, I'm gonna be road tripping it with my grandma and my mom up to Portland where my aunt Penny and uncle Jeff live...they're gonna make me drive the whole way, I know it. But its cool, I'm looking forward to blasting Fugazi and listening to the rest of 'The Golden Compass' rollin with my makers. Plus, I need to get out of Southern California for a bit. I really really do. Thanks to everyone who tried to reach out and hook me up with Sibelius.. I was looking for a non-torrented version but I appreciate the thought. I've been kinda getting compulsive on compositions lately, but that's another story. I'm sick right now, I got sick because it was Roger's brothers birthday and we drank a bunch of ouzo, absinthe and beer and had a night basketball game. I was all sweaty and wet in the cold air and woke up the next morning completely durst (not a typo).

Have your eye sockets ever hurt?

On another abrupt-subject-change/random though in typical me fashion; Johannes Brahms 'The Tragic Overture' Op. 81 written in 1880 is one of my favorite compositions of all time.. I won't lie, it can make me kinda misty eyed sometimes. Shut up. Go check it out.

I'm going back to bed

End transmission.

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