Thursday, November 6, 2008

So it looks like we're flying to Boston next week to play a show at Northeastern University on the 13th. Should be cool because we always love playing out on the east coast. We've been practicing and writing again, we were working on this new tune yesterday that is not only mental wrencher but a hand killer as well..I hate my small asian hands sometimes.

a list of 10 things I've been loving this week.

10. Gordon Ramsays F-Word. A most righteous cooking show.
9. This very first model of SansAmp I've been using for some recording
8. My new rug
7. The E.S.P Les Paul that belongs to my friend Max that I've been playing a lot.
6. Trader Joe's Multi-grain whole wheat bread.
5. Key Lime Yogurt
4. Back to the Future 2 (I go through phases where I just watch random sections of
the same movie everyday.)
3. Posters of vintage maps of some of my favorite cities around the world. I bought
way too many of the,m
2. The explosions from the new James Cameron movie they're filming down the street.
(actually I don't really love it at all, it sucks.)
1. My shower mat that just got washed and feels good under my feet again.

Shifting gears:

Questions must always be asked. The big picture must always stay in focus, and we must be realistic about what our new president can do within the already established governmental system we actually have. Although I do not necessarily believe this speech entirely applies directly to the new president-elect can at the very least help broaden the perspective of what he's working with and/or for. You decide for yourself. cheers to Chris Sherriff for hooking me up with the link.


Mark said...

You guys should come down to VA after Northeastern and play in my living room.

Chase said...

remember mentioning sending you this dub to check it out.

epoxi-lips said...
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Andy said...

Stop by Baltimore after VA and you guys are always welcome to crash/party/jam/eat tofurkey.

Anonymous said...

how do i get tickets for your northeastern show? i've been searching for days and can't find anything about it. do i need to be a student? (please, please, please say that i don't)

dayna said...

steve, where have you been.

S. Choi RXB said...

Actually buddy, it is a private university show. However, if you bring us 3 large cheese pizzas from pizzeria regina in the north end on thacher st. then I'll put you and your friends on our guest list. Don't forget the garlic olive oil and the pepper olive oil.

Anonymous said...

what time do you go on / when do you want the pizza?