Friday, October 31, 2008

I really can't drink coffee.. or at least I shouldn't

The stuff that makes the world go 'round..People love it and drink it all day, enjoying its wonderful aroma and taste while it relaxes them as they sit and talk with their friends before heading home and going to bed. I drink it at 8 in the morning and even after I've made it through my anxiety filled, elevated heart-rate-tummy-ache-day I still feel like a re-animated zombie who can't focus his mind on anything but can't stop moving to sleep or relax. I'm just not a person who needs uppers, I need downers. I think I was born with an overactive mind and although there are those millions around the world always trying to find something to boost, hype, energize and tweek themselves my only pursuit is to find things to relax myself and slow it down. All my friends make fun of me for my low tolerance to caffeine.. 'The Painter' Bagel (my new name for him) is a religious coffee drinker and whenever I'm over at his house he always takes evil pleasure in making me drink giant cups of his gnarly Peet's coffee he makes at home and laughs at me doing back flips trying to rip my eyeballs out. I'm a tea freak.. I love green tea, I love white tea (which is fancy green tea) and I love being a 28 year old asian guy who likes to write about liking tea and his inability to drink coffee..I'm such a dork. I don't really love writing about that, I just felt really stupid right now actually, but I shall remind myself that I write these things to free my subconscious from my insecurities by letting the world see how lame I am. I know teas can have as much caffeine or more than coffee.. but coffee just fucks me up too bad. There is a singer from a 90's Chicago band that is one of my favorites.. and he writes in a book on canvas about his daily routine of humidifying his voice, pre show warm-ups, and among other things what sort of soymilks and/or creams he uses in his coffee and why. Much respect to him and his music but I don't wanna be that guy. so I shall end this section with; "Steve Choi will drink coffee and get fucked up, but he prefers tea". Mundane enough for you? HA!

Now here is something that doesn't make me feel like a dork, or make me insecure or anything of the sort.. quite the opposite actually. Here are some videos that have been brought to my attention of people covering our songs.. I gotta say that for me its one of the biggest and best compliments I could be paid. Stupid Sentimental Steve shall now launch into another explanation regarding why seeing other people play songs he wrote is so touching because he never forgets that time in his life and its such a strange thing to even think that anyone would ever notice our music let alone value it enough to want to play it.. but maybe I'll stop him.

Some dudes playing 'Battle'. Its nerve racking to get up in front of small groups of people sitting down and still try and rock their faces. I give these guys props for holding it together.

This one is a trip.. the dudes are definitely keeping their stage show in check, maybe had some red bulls before the set? they even play a little jammage before the song starts... proper.

You know why this video is legit? because they like our song, they like to rock, and they like to rock our song (although some of you may argue to what degree they rock). But fuck it, it doesn't get more legit than that. there's too many hater comments on this video. I'm honored that some guys in japan wanna step to 'decresendo' as a 4 piece.. it looks like they normally play Lagwagon songs or something.

This one.. this one is just awesome.

Obviously there are those videos online also of shredders and shredd-ets playing guitar, bass, vocals, drums or any combo of those to our songs.. But that's something different. Those who shred know who they are, and our songs will be just another little stop on their musical journey, but to see these people put in the work to play these songs as a group is just next lev. There are already hundreds of 14 year old there who could play all my songs and shred me any day, and no matter what you do its necessary to remember that there will always be someone one who comes along that will better than you at whatever you do.. the more you put your stuff out there the more material these people have to learn from and boost off of. I personally love knowing that, but watch out all you young shredders out there because our new stuff has many parts that are really hard for me to play (maybe not for you guys). However I will say that 99 percent of the videos I see of our songs, are either re-done because certain parts are too difficult, or plain butchered to be able to play them and that also makes me feel good because I know we're not making it too easy and that lets me know I'm doing something right. Keep practicing peoples, I know I will.


Pat said...

I find my day's much better if I start with tea rather than coffee. I enjoy coffee, but the crash after that surge of caffeine suuuucks.

As for the challenging parts of your songs, I take that as a challenge!

Joey said...