Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Possibly the most annoying thing on the face of the planet... when someone like the republican-vice-presidential-nominee-northernredneck-uncultured-incompetent-Palin speaks about the election and says they are "putting this in God's hands, that the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on Nov. 4." Forget that fact that I'm not christian, and that I don't believe Jesus died for our sins..this isn't some atheistic rant, its just a totally illogical statement that is fucking stupid. Actually, Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Palin, its not up to god, its not up to god at all because there's this thing called the 'Electoral College' and it is ultimately the deciding factor in the election because a candidate can win by electoral votes even if they lose the popular vote (the one that matters, but others argue doesn't protect the rights of smaller states which the electoral college does...either way, its not democratic considering that not all electors are even voted in) And on top of that, anyone already in the position to run for president already has the means and the resources to do some shady shit which we have experienced first hand without anyone being able to prove it.
Yes, she believes in god so in her belief god has power and influence over whichever outcome we see. I get that its her fundamental belief system so it doesn't really make sense for me to argue it and try to dismantle her believing that god will oversee the outcome of this. I am merely expressing my frustration for people so blatantly lying, mixing, and misconstruing their personal agendas motivated out of greed and self benefit with 'Gods will'. This is all coming from Palin who also referred to an environmentally devastating pipe-line running through Alaska as being part of... you guessed it, "Gods will". Oh well, I guess this isn't the first or the last time..there is a legacy of wonderfully horrible things done in gods name that has to be lived up to by the future generations of right-wing-conservative-christianexploiting idiots. Any of you who share this belief with people like G.W. Bush, or S. Palin can read this then and think about how god in all his power, had the devil command Steve Choi to write this, so that all the good Christians of the world can see what the devil does, and how not to be so its a wonderful gift from god, a "blessing in disguise". Do they not realize that ANYthing can be fabricated into anyone's or anything's will or doing.. its called rhetoric. All this bullshit over mass-airwaves and thrown in our face like dirt at warped tour.. makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

P.s. I normally don't like to write about and/or discuss religion and politics, and the two together is twice as painful. In my eyes, the essence of life exists in spite of those things, although I do recognize the influence of those things, especially religion, on shaping our individual ideas of what living is all about. I write this only as a release of my emotions and not to influence anyone else and tell them what they should believe. A personal belief of mine is this: Do you believe in something that I don't, like a christian jesus-god-spirit? (the 'Holy Trinity' for those who don't know) well as long as it doesn't have to come between us, and we get along, then lets not talk about it and continue being friends.

I'm making potato soup after I shower, and its gonna be bomb.


garf93 said...

damn steve you just wrote my exact thoughts in your blog...psyched for the new album. Potato soup, son.

Andy said...

Steve Choi, you are the devil and I love you.

K. Reel said...

yeah steve, you basically worded my thoughts exactly in the end there. thank you.

Tyler said...

dude... prop 8 passed... what is wrong with people?