Monday, July 14, 2008

Tour: Day 1

Sitting in a hotel in Blythe, California. Roger is sitting next to me and c-gak and I are having a discussion about how his pack of camels changed the art on the box to the same custom arrangement of his 'Still life with Woodpecker' Tattoo. Why are we here? Well on our way to Tucson where we're supposed to be playing, our van broke down on the Interstate 10 4 hours from home in the little town I mentioned at the beginning; Blythe. Ah tour. I hope we make it to the show tomorrow. This is our first van tour in 2 years.. The tour spirits are punishing us for being spoiled and neglecting the van while we toured in buses.


Quinn Brabender said...

Wow. Man, someone should seriously just buy you guys a new van. It seems like that baby is always breakin' down. What a shitty way to start off the tour. Hope you guys rock Tucson.

FrankTheDrummer said...

you should download RJD2's "YOUR FACE OR YOUR KNEECAPS" for some scratching and old school funk.

Bridget said...

hahaha. oh vans. i'm staying home after seattle, only going to take some small merch jobs if i can find 'em, and never tm'ing ever again.

i've become extra bitter from this.

have a good tour! be safe. eat well. take lots of pictures!! SAY HELLO TO PHILLY FOR ME!

does this mean that when you roll through seattle i will be there? i'll have to see....

Anonymous said...

yo man-
cant wait for ottobar, TL fucking A show,NJ, NY.
I got a house in the city if you guys need a place to stay after the philly show. if you need a place for the baltimore show we could probably do that too.
let me know if you guys wanna stay over.



Patrick Russell said...

Chwah. Let me know what's good with frolicking in the ocean in Wilmington. DOOO ITTTT. Or I'll just continue to stalk you're contactable ass...