Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bye Bye Bed

I'm packing up while importing some of my old school cd's right now. We're heading out to Tucson, AZ tomorrow and our first show is on tues at the Rialto. We're taking a flip-cam out with us on this tour for some tour footage and video blogs, so I'll post links to em up on here as soon as we start. I'll also be back on a sunny caffeinated morning to fill all yall muffuggers on whats been happening on the road because I'm so over writing how hectic things are lately and its boring as shit. I've been doing all kinds of errands and editing more drums and bla bla bla bla bbbb llll aaaa. Enjoy your homes and rooms and bathrooms and kitchens all of you, I'm gonna be spending my next six weeks on the road... again.

Whaaat. I'm not complaining.. Music I love, performance I love, seeing all my friends across the country, visiting my favorite cities I love.. Its just all the getting to those places and shit in between I hate.

Peoples who have cruisers, bring some down and lets go for a ride before the show. Or if you have a Benotto racing bike or a nice Giant 55 cm top bar then those will do also. peace out.


Abbie said...

can't wait to see you on the road and hear the new tunes.

Megan said...

i'll be seeing you guys twice this week--san antonio & austin. i look forward to it.

and hooray for the photo of philadelphia!

Quinn Brabender said...

Cant wait to see you guys up in Kansas.

It really means a lot to all of us that you guys go through all the travel bullshit just to play music for us (and yourselves, of course).

Anyway, have safe trips and I'll be front row in Kansas watching you shred.

Mark said...

Man, oh man, I cannot wait to see you guys in Wilmington. You should play Richmond the day after on your offday :)

Stay save!

Marissa said...

i thank you for traveling cross-country to play music for my ears. it means a lot, really.

looking forward to the show in cleveland, as always.
hooray for the grog shop this time :]