Sunday, July 27, 2008

11 in a row..

.. And tonight is our show in Wilmington, NC which will be the 11th and last show of our "lets wreck ourselves through the south" run of our tour before our much needed day off tomorrow where we can repair ourselves and actually get a legit amount of sleep. Hi, my name is Steve Choi and I play guitar and other stuff in a band called RX HAGGARDS.

The other night in Ft. Lauderdale Sheets took a healthy spill on some spill on stage and wrecked his knee.. He went down and I expected him to get right back up but as we were playing the end of consequential he just lay there holding his knee with his face in the stage and I saw the tour coming to an end and a bone sticking out of his knee.. Luckily neither of those things happened, but it scared us all shitless. He got up, finished the set but he's hurtin. No broken bones, so that's a good thing.

I need to do laundry, I need some real mexican food, I need some sleep and I need a massage. Now I need to shut up and go soundcheck. Upper east coast I cannot wait to rock into your chaotic yet comforting embrace. All of you in the Philly/Jersey urrea.. Bring your people to the show.. We're ready to finally sell out the TLA goddamnit.


super said...

glad to hear Chris is alright. i will do my best to bring as many people as possible to the tla. i've got 5 so far...

....if you're still craving some mexican food come wednesday, you can try El Azteca on 7th and chestnut which is about 10 blocks from the tla, or Tequila's on 16th and locust which is about 20 blocks. both are semi-pricy, but i can't really think of anywhere else in philly that is cheaper and better.

rissa said...

i'm letting all of my friends know about the show in cleveland so we'll see how many people i can get :D

i'm so glad that chris isn't seriously hurt, too.
i bet that was scary looking over and seeing him like that.

aaaanyways, enjoy your day off !
i hope you get to sleep until you can't anymore
haha either that or at least do something fun :]

Travis said...

I saw the video of Sheets falling. Scary stuff, man. Anyway, I'll see you at the Ottobar show tomorrow. I may bike there, so look for me on a Trek 7.2FX.

Mark said...

Man, oh man, oh man. You guys rocked the hell out of Wilmington last night. Why can't we do that every week?

Peace, dude!

Sanchez said...

see you friday in the apple, my friend.

itsasham said...
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