Monday, June 15, 2009

So you've heard the new song?

.. Its our adorable little Frankenstein of a song. It was actually the last song written during our final rehearsal/writing sessions in San Pedro. Like many of our songs, it has another title to us which refers to the feeling and pace at which the verse guitar-lines move with each other but you know it as "Hope is a Butterfly, No net its Captor (Virus of Silence)". Believe it or not, the piece in many ways wrote itself with the 4 of us performing a sort of song-smithing on both ends, sweaty and tired, pounding away to contain and compliment the song's natural form. We can't contrive the material our songs are made of, but we can bend and form the ideas which we are lucky enough to have come to us. Remember: the Notes, the tones, the sounds and the rhythms are no different than any material anyone uses to create anything with; they are omnipotent and all around us at all times of the day.

music is the space between the notes.

S. Choi RXB


rissa said...

music is the space between the notes...

YES :)

-G said...

Beautiful! Three wicked parts, seemingly completely different, yet so harmonically sown into one excellent tune! Thank you so much ;) PS: wonderful post...

Julian Faras said...
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Tyler said...

Ive got a question-
is it hard to be finished with the album? as in, when you listen to it now, are there things that you hear that you think, 'man, we should have done it this way', or 'thats not loud enough' and things like that? I do some mixing and that sort of thing as well, and I never seem to be able to get to a point where I can say whatever I'm working on is finished, it can always use more tinkering.
Anyway, I was just wondering what your viewpoint on that was, considering you have definite points where you can no longer change the mix or what youve recorded, as the album will soon be going out to many-a-people.

LuisXIII said...

The song is just great. I can't wait for the whole thing. Considering I got to see you guys @ Chain Reaction recently. I've been anticipating this album more than anything. Especially hearing some of the tracks live. I think I already love this album, even though it's not out yet. lol

Random fan thing, I've gotten to meet Matt and C.Gak, but I've never gotten the honor of meeting you. Hah, maybe at the next show I go to? I can only wish.

scary said...

great new song dude!
I love that keys stuff you're playing, it adds so much to that virus feeling.
can't wait for the album, gonna preorder tomorrow

though it's really pitty you guys won't come to europe soon, but I can understand your reasons, if I were living in the us I probably wouldn't come over here too.
but you should know that like 95% of people I know here would love to see you live again.
so I hope we'll see you some time next year. I'll be patient


Matthew Mautone said...

Its nice to hear some of the TSOAF effects crossing over into the new stuff. The amazement never ceases. I still (almost) cry every time I watch "We must become the change..."
Can't wait to see you guys in NYC in July.

Karla said...

I love the song. I can't wait to you guys at the Bottom Lounge.

spano. said...

just heard about the leak. don't worry about it dude. i can't imagine how much work and passion is put into a project like this, and i can see how this must infuriate you beyond belief. some people are just assholes and can't respect that. it's sad that one person can ruin things like that.

but know this....

you guys have some amazing fans out there. we are all buying the album, whether it be on the preorder or at shows. i haven't downloaded the leak, nor will i.....but i'm more than confident that even if people are downloading it, they are buying the album as well. i try to support you guys as much as i can, i'm seeing you 3 times on this new tour, and i pre-ordered the deluxe package of the new album. i love your music.

the point i'm trying to make is that there is an enormous number of fans just like that, who try to spread your music to more ears and open people's minds up to amazing music. i understand your disappointment in the leak, but i also feel that, if anything, you'll gain new fans from it. i haven't heard the album yet, but i'm sure that it will pique the interest of someone enough to do some research on the band.....go to shows, buy the album, buy past albums, etc. your music is that good dude. for real.

i know it's the principle of the thing, but don't sweat the leak dude.

(can't wait to hear your blood, sweat and tears when the album drops dude!)

dtapia said...
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dtapia said...

the new song is awesome, cant wait for mandala, im pretty sure will be a great record

hey i made a cover of one of your songs like a year ago crushing is the link if you want to check it out

peace. Dirk