Friday, April 10, 2009

I ain't goin' out like Buddy Holly.

Currently in Long Beach, CA:
Winds: NW at 12mph
Partly Sunny
Humidity: 46%
Dew Point: 48° F
Pressure: 30.10 in

Yet another flurry.. And I find myself here and now in the few days that are the eye of the storm where it is oddly quiet and peaceful while we wait for the next revision of the mixes from Fudurich right before it goes to mastering. The recording is for the most part behind us, but now the supercharged next year or two of traveling, playing shows, talking w/ people, attempts at sleeping in multiple time zones, trying to stay in touch with homelife, and trying to find sanity await.

We did a an interview for Ryan's Rock Show a few days ago.. once again we appreciated not being asked stupid questions and got into quite the conversation with Ryan about music technology and such. I didn't know how much energy I had to talk, because the interview was at 9 and the gf and I had already had quite the long day at LA County Museum of Art and shopping for new jeans for me, seeing as all my other pairs have massive crotch holes from cycling in them so much. It reminds me of times where I believe both Matt and I have taken spills onstage while wearing no underwear repping huge holes in our pants.. Sorry to the individuals in the audience who were traumatized for life by our private parts. That was probably when we were still looking for people to put us up on tour also.. I don't know how people did it with the way our band used to smell.. well the other guys at least, ha!

I gotta do laundry.. we're flying to Wyoming on tues to play the Union Ballroom in Laramie, WY at the University of Wyoming in Wyoming wyoming wyomakjdfjhadslk. I am actually looking forward to seeing the big big skies and getting some sweet pics, as I usually do out there. The last time played the University of Wyoming, we had to take this tiny 14 seater plane to Laramie from Denver Intl and we almost died. The winds and the turbulence were so bad that even the navy seal going home for a visit next to us had the white-knuckled death grip on his arm-rest. Cgak, Matt, Sheets, and I were all trying to get to happier places while Joe was maniacally laughing for his coping steez... so this time we're driving our own damn-selves to Laramie from Denver and I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it blasting tunes headed up the 25.. maybe we'll stop at the oh so ghetto fabulous Cracker Barrel for some of their biscuits and cornbread, we don't get that middle-America stuff out in California.. I think there's a Waffle House next to the hotel we're staying at in Laramie also. More ghetto fabulous.

I'm gonna go get my Sunday afternoon on now, but all you in Denver and Salt Lake who keep telling us to stop through your zones and play get off your lazy asses and drive up to Wyoming to see us rather than writing the bands myspace to come to your cities after we just played there.. or don't.. we'll be back out on a full US tour this summer with a little something up our sleeves. I'll check back in here after we return from this show.. if we're still alive.

Wyoming, we're coming for you.

P.s. Sooooo happy for the new Tortoise album. Tortoise.. be my friends.


PossiblyCanadian said...

So stoked to see you in Laramie again. No snow this week, so it'll be awesome weather! Keep coming here - we love you guys.

Cody said...

I'm psyched to hear that you guys are touring the US this summer. I doubt you'll be anywhere extremely close to me, so I guess I'll have to make a road trip. Can't wait to find out who you're touring with.

MavisPuford said...

Heh heh. I'm from SLC! Salt Lake loves you guys. Why wouldn't they? Anyway, I'll try not to annoy you too much.

I'm looking forward to another amazing album and tour. Thanks for all the updates Steve.

Anonymous said...

Listen, for the love of everything musical, please tell us. Is Sheets still in the band? There is only four people in that picture. He isn't listed as a member anymore, you didn't say anything about him in any of your blog or Twitter updates. I need to know. Please.

Carly said...

Some of us Salt Lake people TRIED to drive to Laramie 2 years ago and ended up in jail. Please tell me you obeyed all posted speed limit signs on your way from Denver, so as not to suffer the same fate.

Mason and I were in New Orleans last week so we missed Laramie, but I'm sure we'll catch ya'll on the flip side...

Gunawan said...