Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boo Hoo

For years I've tried to disprove the connection between anguish and creativity. It was very discouraging for me to think that my calling in life as a musician, an artist and a creative free thinker was doomed to a literary matrimony of unhappiness to produce anything worthwhile. I have not succeeded.. I have only done the opposite time and time again. Is it possible? perhaps, but I'm definitely not the chosen one to pull the sword from that stone. While being extremely stressed out and unhappy over this past week I've come up with more ideas I love than I have in the past year. I sometimes wonder if there is a pathology behind unhappiness and states of mind with our creative thoughts, or perhaps it is our minds perception of what we create during these times that changes.. I'm left with no answers and only more questions. I am determined to find a way to continue creating without being a miserable bastard.. I seek happiness goddamnit!


Poopernater said...

I always make cool songs and ideas when I'm sick. Creativity finds it's way in strange situations.

scary said...

when you are happy,
your songs are crappy.

true =)