Tuesday, October 14, 2008

music is overwhelming

Being a musician, specifically being in a band is an entirely unique circumstance of creativity (well ideally only creativity, but we all know the rest of the bullshit that people get caught up in with being in a band). "Obviously" many would say. There are so many departments of attention and knowledge required to A: Get people together who are all proficient enough at their instruments to hold it down (its always hard to find the legit drummers) B: Have someONE or some-All to have enough of a vision for an aesthetic or sound, and C: Have those people be able to hang and get along. "Duh"?.. maybe so. After all that though, after many hours of practice and hard work you can still just suck. I'm not one to judge anyone's music, but like everyone else I can get my hate on for a lot of stuff to be funny, or just because I really think its horrible and its everyone's right. Now I could launch into all kinds of humorous situations about rookie moves on and off stage to get some laughs right now, but I shall not digress because I have a point to make, and I know I'm sounding like a jaded, cynical, pretentious a-hole right now... Which is why I must continue with making said point.

me and you baby

My point is this; We all have things music we like, and we all hear music we think is utter crap. We all have different connections to music and characteristics which we seek to even further diversify criteria for liking or not liking something we hear. But you know what I love? I love it when I hear that guy singing so out of tune, playing a stolen riff, while singing clumsy analogies and similes in an attempt to be witty and charming, and its not because I enjoy putting it down. If I had it my way, I'd like everything because how good would life be if you just appreciated everything you tasted, heard, saw, and touched. I enjoy hearing the horrible guy at open mic because seeing these people bravely exercise their creative right in front of whoever will watch and or insult them is inspiring to me. For reals. First of all, it doesn't mean a damn thing if I think it sucks, because that person's art lives in spite of what ANYone thinks. Although I can be way more critical about music from my experience doesn't make my opinion worth anymore than anyone's. I'm just happy that there are people out there who are confident in what they do, because it helps me with my insecurities with my own creativity. At the end of the day, I write music for myself. However, it would be a lie to say that I don't care what others think of my own music, if that were the case I would be in just a true garage band which played only... in the garage. People can say they don't care if people hate their music if they go public with it, but they can't say they don't care what anyone thinks at all because playing out and trying to get fans is caring that they like you, which I'm not dissing because I'm a part of that. And let me just say that there is plenty of music made solely for myself no one will ever hear which every musician should have. Anyways, there's so much of the time I'm second guessing my music, getting down on it, and just plain old getting worried that people are gonna think it sucks which is totally ridiculous and dumb. Seeing everyone doin their thing, whether people like it or not reminds me that the only thing that matters is expressing yourself. If you get it, everyone else just falls to the background. Creativity, self expression, and an unapologetic approach to showing the world whats in your brain and soul is the only real thing in art and music. Am I getting "DUH"'s yet? Well I forget all that stuff sometimes. SO, thank you to everyone in the world making their music, singing horribly, doing ridiculous interpretive dances, making awesome paintings, and whatever else you do, for reminding me that the only thing that matters is you yourself being happy with what you're doing and putting out for reals, and basking in the light of you being stoked on your creation. Fuck everyone else.

Someone send me a large jar of Marmite for my toast please. No really though.. Marmite.

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Andy said...

"Creativity, self expression, and an unapologetic approach to showing the world whats in your brain and soul is the only real thing in art and music" -- word.

Next time you're in Baltimore I'd be happy to inspire you with shitty singing.

Send your address and the Marmite's on its way.