Thursday, August 7, 2008

Show #21.

An amazing show in Chicago tonight at The Metro. I cannot even express how lucky I feel to have people who are so down with what we do.. I can't even articulate it any better than that. For the past 3 weeks I've just been amazed every night at how much love we get. Its just overwhelming sometimes, and I just gotta enjoy every minute while it lasts. If you told me I'd even get this far when I was that 12 year old playing Nirvana songs in the mirror I think I'd have just about burst into flames. Thanks for keeping RX alive peoples. Thank you so much.

Thanks Jenny Choi for taking me to that great nheng-myun restaurant... and for those little coffee packets. Korea.


Chris said...

hey Steve, I want to send love from the Detroit show. I realize its a pain in the ass to have to drive up to Detroit to play a small show, but on behalf of the fans here, we appreciate your efforts. You guys played a hell of a set for a half-filled room of die-hards, and we love it when you come. Alot of bands skip the D, but you guys aren't like anyone else. Your love for even the smallest crowds makes us appreciate you that much more. Detroit loves you and we can't wait for the new disc. Oh, and I was wondering if you guys have talked about playing the summer festival circuit more often? Seems like an ├╝ber-talented indepent live band such as yourselfes would feel at home there... Just curious.

Chris Wood

Anonymous said...

holler @ what chris said.
thanks for coming to north carolina and rocking your hearts out, even though the already tiny venues are always half full.

love you madly,

Anonymous said...

Don't thank us for loving you guys so much, we thank you for creating such wonderful music. Keep playing shows and writing incredible music, and you can bet your ass the love will keep coming. No homo.

- Ben

Quinn Brabender said...

Thanks for an amazing fucking show in Lawrence. I'm sorry there wasn't more people there. But nonetheless, you guys rocked the shit out of us.

Happy Birthday dude! And tell Joe Happy LATE Birthday for me!

Can't wait for the new album.

rissa said...

i too thank you for creating wonderful music. i seriously tell every person i know about you guys in hopes that i can share the love that is rxb. you wouldn't even believe how many people i know all around the world just because we all have one thing in common....our love for your music. i think that's powerful stuff, man. so thank you for continuing to do what you do after all these years.

i'd just like to mention that i've traveled to detroit, buffalo, bowling green, and cleveland twice to see you guys play this year. and i just appreciate it so much that you guys are constantly on the road giving your fans the opportunity to see the live shows. never in a million years did i, that girl from ohio, think i would get to see you guys play 5 times in a year. to me that is just awesome. no matter what, if there's a show in cleveland [or any neighboring state, really] you can bet that my sister and i will be there, in the front row, singing along.

<3 rissa

Ohio Nate said...

rissa, you were at the Bowling Green show? How freaking sweet was that? Tiniest stage ever.

rissa said...

yeah, i was at that show.
it was amaazing.
my sister and i drove all the way from akron through the lake effect snow to see that show :D