Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home... for a bit.

There is no way to describe the feeling of walking through your front door after being away for weeks even months at a time. Then there's no way way to describe the feeling of laying in your bed after weeks even months at a time.. then comes the shower, the fridge, the peoples, the meal and on and on and on. Many people can relate to what I'm saying here, musicians are not at all the only people to travel and be away from home a long time.

So, I just made this scramble with basil and oyster mushrooms that i got from the farmers market this morning which are super legit.. the way to eat well is to buy whats fresh and cook what you buy. Super dork #1 right here; when I got to the farmers market this morning with my lady I immediately got so excited at all the awesome fruits and vegetables that I haven't been getting on my boca burger at denny's for the past month on the road. There's also this Tamale stand which rivals the Tamale lady at Zeitgeist in SF which we all had a healthy dose of a couple days ago. We posted up in the garden at Zeitgeist for a good 5 hours hangin and puttin down pitcher after pitcher. We chilled with some guys from Dublin, and then smoked with some guys from Rome and although its pretty cool to have international party on both sides of you, when you're in SF or at Zeitgeist specifically you don't really think much of it. I need to move back up there, and not take those sort of interactions for granted... I am the jaded traveler.

I gotta get dressed and head out to the Glasshouse for soundcheck now.. tonight is gonna be fun as hell, and all the better knowing I get to sleep in my own bed again tonight!

"chi-town, whats goin' on"

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